We are a very active partner for the companies we invest in

The reason for our investment in a company is often a business start or the financing of future growth. There are various moments in time when a person or company may be in need of funding. Building a business generally requires investments, be it for the remodel of a property, buying inventory or equipment or taking over another business.

However, more and more entrepreneurs have difficulty obtaining a business loan.

Many entrepreneurs have the same questions:

  • Can I start my own business?
  • Does my idea have business potential?
  • Can I take over the company I work for?
  • Can I build that new factory?
  • Can I afford a take over and how can I finance it?

We work closely together with entrepreneurs in order to contribute to the further expansion of their companies. Furthermore, LadiesLending offers an array of practical business tools as well as personal support to help entrepreneurs succeed.

We offer the following investment solutions to assist female entrepreneurs:


Microcredit is a business loan from €5,000 up to €25,000 for aspiring micro entrepreneurs.

Our mission is to improve and support the social and financial inclusion of micro-entrepreneurs that have a viable idea or business plan, yet are unable to obtain financing through regular channels. No matter their age, gender, experience or background!

Venture capital

Start-up companies and great ideas need Venture Capital to launch. LadiesLending provides Venture Capital for these first steps of Start Ups and Ideas.

Venture Capital means Risk Capital.
So we rather like to use the word Femture Capital
It is our definition of: low risk Venture Capital for female entrepreneurs!

Private equity

We invest equity capital. There are various moments in time when a company may be in need of private equity:

  • Acquisition
  • Management buyout
  • Financing growing plans
  • Business transfer

We invest in companies with a proven track record, a differentiating company position and excellent value creation possibilities.


We offer lease solutions for cars, machinery and equipment. Lease is a quick and secure way to offer finance as lessor stays the owner of an asset.


At LadiesLending, we focus is on joint value creation: we closely support the management team in improving the company results, without taking over their management role.

We can offer :

  • Strategic and operational advice
  • Management support
  • Marketing and sales support

We have longstanding experience with SME companies and solid understanding of entrepreneurship. It is our strength to help your company flourish.

And we offer more : LadiesLending is also the one stop solution for female entrepreneurs to raise capital and to get listed on an established European Stock Exchange

Please note: We do require an equity stake in the companies we fund.

When defining innovation as “offering products that are new to some or all customers” in some regions — including Europe and the U.S.— women entrepreneurs have higher levels of innovation than their male counterparts.