MicroFemture for Female MicroBusinesses!

In order for more low-income women to have access to commercial loans, we have created MicroFemture, specifically designed for the unique needs of these women.

MicroFemture is a very special lending community. We help low-income women worldwide who like to start their own micro business, and need funding between 500€ and 5.000€.

MicroFemture is a non-profit social responsible Lending Fund with a unique focus.?We help realizing the dream of many women. It is designed to encourage women with a low-income background and/or from developing areas to start their own small business, and to promote economic progress and independence.

Proud to help realizing their dreams!

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A Social Responsible Lending Fund

MicroFemture a Social Responsible Small Business Lending Fund with a unique focus. It’s chance for women who like to start a microbusiness and need funding.

MicroFemture offers loans between 500 – 5,000€. We help female microbusinesses to create sufficient profit for independency.

We are very proud to help realizing the dream of many women.

MicroFemture is NOT a Gift But a Loan!

All MicroFemture loans have to be paid back in accordance with the rules. And our borrowers have to pay a low interest rate. This is a very conscious choice, as it will lead to a certain responsibility.

MicroFemture is a NON-PROFIT Lending-model.
Our GOAL is to create PROGRESS.

Supported by the LadiesLending experts!

We Help Woman Flourish!

All contributions to the MicroFemture Community will be used for funding Female MicroBusinesses!

Our principle is Controlled Funding: Our clients will not receive a bag with money, but a customized support program.

All costs for backing MicroFemture Community will be covered by LadiesLending. Their knowledge, and expertise will be available for free.

Our GOAL is to create

We closely support our borrowers in setting up their MicroBusiness.

Our goal is independency in all aspects.
It is our strength to help these MicroBusinesses flourish.

At LadiesLending, we have longstanding experience with SME companies and solid understanding of entrepreneurship.

Be proud to help realizing their dreams!

Big Thanks in 3 Steps to our Contributors!

Step 1
We have some awesome rewards so everyone can see how proud you should be for supporting us!

Step 2
Be part of our happy MicroFemture Community, where many dreams now can be realized,

Step 3 Return to Funder!
Once all the loans have been successfully paid back, contributions will be returned to our contributors.

Why join the MicroFemture Community?

It is a great chance to create progress.

Empower women to realize their dreams!
Economically dependent is not beneficial for women themselves and not a good example for our daughters!
But beyond that, your contribution will be an investment in the future and an investment in effective aid.

And as thanks for your trust we will return the contribution you have trusted us.

Venture Capitalists have Confidence in a Man

Women receive just 4.2% of the total venture capital funding.

When it comes to raising money from venture capitalists, the gender of an entrepreneur matters. Venture Capitalists have confidence in a man leading an innovative company, but not in a woman with a comparable profile.

LadiesLending proves they are wrong!

Lower Risk with Women at the Wheel

We are female entrepreneurs ourselves, so we know that investing in women means less risk!

According to backing research of Graydon, only 14.6% of the owners of bankrupt companies were female entrepreneurs and 85,4% male. Of the total companies 25% was owned by a woman.

At LadiesLending, we invest venture capital and private equity in female entrepreneurs.

Lower Write-offs and Lower Portfolio-at-risk

We predict that there will be a dramatic increase in the numbers of successful start-ups headed by women.

Recent Dow Jones research found those venture-backed companies that were successful had twice the number of women on the founding team. And analysis from 350 micro finance institutions across 70 countries indicated lending to women means lower write-offs and lower portfolio-at-risk!

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