Then invest in our LadiesLending PORTFOLIO with neutral risk!

LadiesLending offers a diversified strong PORTFOLIO INVESTMENT with a return of at least 8% p.a.


At LadiesLending we invest in female entrepreneurs; But everyone can invest in LadiesLending!
We welcome ALL INVESTORS! Male and Female!

Lower Risk – Great Chances

Recent Dow Jones research on venture-backed companies in the U.S. found those that were successful had twice the number of women on the founding team.

Of the owners of bankrupt companies 14.6% were female entrepreneurs and 85,4% male. Of the total companies 25% was owned by a woman.
(Graydon: Bankruptcies: cause and effect)

We offer investments on 3 levels:

Low risk: Interest 6.5% - 7.9%

You are looking for the most secure form of investment, but still want to engage in business investments?

We will develop a customized investment portfolio for you.

Neutral risk: Interest 7.9% - 15.0%

Looking for something with a moderate risk, but expect a return of at least 7.9%?

Then our LadiesLending Portfolio Investment is exactly right for you. You invest in our complete LadiesLending portfolio, and not in selected companies, with a guaranteed return of 7.9%. This return is generated by the LadiesLending Portfolio companies, transferred to LadiesLending and paid out to our investors 2 times per year. On top op that, you receive as a neutral investor also a part of the profits arising on the sale of the company.

You can expect an average of 12% – 15% return on investments per annum.

High risk: Interest 15.0% - 20.0%

Already an active investor and you like to invest directly in companies and not in our neutral risk portfolio?

Then have a look at the companies in our portfolio.Here you find interesting companies, all approved by LadiesLending, in which you can invest from 5.000 €. You get as investor equity stakes in the form of a subordinated loan. So you leave the company the money invested for the duration of participation (at least 2 years to a maximum of 5 years). The company you invest in shares the profits. In the event of a corporate sale you share the profits arising on the sale of the company, but also the loss.

Please see our Risk Warning

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