You are a female start-up or a female business owner of a mid-sized company and looking to raise funds?

We strongly believe in the power of women. We invest in companies that are led, managed or owned by women. Because we believe in the power and potential of these companies.

Our mission is to create opportunities for women and make sure that women will be a driving force of entrepreneurial growth in the future.

We offer:

  • Microcredit
  • Venture capital
  • Private equity
  • Lease

Lower Risk – Great Chances

Of the owners of bankrupt companies 14.6% were female entrepreneurs and 85,4% male. Of the total companies 25% was owned by a woman. (Graydon: Bankruptcies: cause and effect).

At LadiesLending any business is welcome, but we focus on the following sectors:

  • Food Industries (Organic & Fair Trade), inclusive production, trade and services
  • Retail Business
  • Non Food (Sustainable), inclusive production, trade and services
  • Consumer products (Sustainable)
  • Hotel & Leisure Projects
  • Real Estate Projects
  • Restaurant & Catering Business

Our criteria are quit simple: If you believe in your business, convince us!

We predict that in the coming years there will be a dramatic increase in the numbers of successful start-ups headed by women.

All firms should realize that in the war for talent, women are increasingly seeing entrepreneurship as a compelling alternative if a career path appears stunted. Perceptions of opportunity and capability strongly link to entrepreneurial activity — that is, if you think you will succeed and will be supported, you are more likely to try.