We are unique:

At LadiesLending we invest in female entrepreneurs!

Our focus is on SME companies that are being managed, led or established by women.

Why focus on female entrepreneurs?

Women-owned entities represent approximately 37% of enterprises globally — a market worthy of attention.  These entrepreneurs cross the spectrum of micro to high growth — from supporting life to creating wealth. They include hair salon owners, high tech visionaries and everything in between, all making critical economic contributions.

Collectively, female entrepreneurs look different than their male counterparts. But different doesn’t mean deficient — or underperforming. For instance, recent Dow Jones research on venture-backed companies in the U.S. found those that were successful had twice the number of women on the founding team. And analysis of a dataset from 350 micro finance institutions across 70 countries indicated lending to women was associated with lower write-offs and lower portfolio-at-risk.

But women receive just 4.2% of the total venture capital funding in the US and Europe.

So we decided to establish LadiesLending and offer Microcredit, Venture Capital and Private Equity to female entrepreneurs.

At LadiesLending, we are businesswoman ourselves.

We have an extensive background in investing and entrepreneurship. When we ourselves started in business in the 1990s few women started companies. Now we are convinced this may be the most entrepreneurial generation of women yet.

And we offer more: LadiesLending is also the one stop solution for female entrepreneurs to raise capital and to get listed on established stock exchanges in Europe.

A female approach will result in:

  • Higher level of creativity

  • More innovation

  • Better risk management

  • Focus on longer term results

  • Besides: female led companies are characterized as “better places to work”

The combination of these factors leads to higher customer and employee satisfaction and ultimately to better financial results.