Welcome to LadiesLending!

We are unique: At LadiesLending we only invest in female entrepreneurs! Our focus is on SME companies that are being managed, led or established by women.

Women receive just 4.2% of the total venture capital funding. When it comes to raising money from venture capitalists, the gender of an entrepreneur matters.

Venture Capitalists have confidence in a man with a business background leading an innovative company, but not in a woman with a comparable profile… but…

Lower Risk – Great Chances

Of the owners of bankrupt companies 14.6% were female entrepreneurs and 85,4% male. Of the total companies 25% was owned by a woman.
(Graydon: Bankruptcies: cause and effect)

We are female entrepreneurs ourselves, we know that investing in women means less risk, confirmed by research.

So we decided to establish LadiesLending and offer Venture Capital, Private Equity but also Microcredit to female entrepreneurs.

LadiesLending is an official Partner of Indiegogo, so we are able to help companies in which we invest also with
crowd funding.

Venture Capital means Risk Capital.

But we like to use the word:
Femture Capital

It’s our definition of:
Low Risk Venture Capital for
Female Entrepreneurs!

Lower Risk

Recent research found that of the owners of bankrupt companies 85,4% were male and just 14.6% female entrepreneurs.


We predict that in the coming years there will be a dramatic increase in the numbers of successful start-ups headed by women.


The Clayman Institute started with the question of why do women receive just 4.2% of venture capital funding? Did gender play a role?


The driving force in the modern economy for the past ten years, and the foreseeable future, is entrepreneurship.